I believe a truly sustainable world is possible through interdisciplinary thinking and doing. Thus I have acquired the following fields of expertise.


I formulate strategies for producing industries to transition to a circular economy. This includes, but is not limited to, product conzeptualization, material flows, incentive models and waste streams & management.


To move things forward, collaboration with public institutions is essential. Industry and politics speak different languages so understanding each other can be tricky. I facilitate the conversation.

Textile Engineering

The world of textiles offers great potential for achieving sustainability on this planet. As a versatile they can be fine-tuned to meet societal needs, from nano-scale surface modifications to geo-textile altering river courses. I offer technical consulation in textile engineering to my customers.

Strategic Development

Entering and developing in a new market can be a risky and costly venture. More often than not it is challenging to know what one doesnt know. I develop roadmaps and analyses to support my customers in taking informed decisions.


PCH Innovations

- Circular transition strategies

- Circular textile databases

Rubis Development Group

- Development of Public Sales

- Evaluation of Public Funding

- Business analytics

Clevis Market Research

- Evaluation of communication

- Market research

Knowmads Business School

- Facilitation of ideation processes

- Co-creating cirriculums for 

- Consultation of social enterprises 
   at pre-seed stage

Technical University of Dresden

- Research Design and DoE

- Conceptualization of spinnable actuators

- Design of wearable reference electrodes

Hochschule InHolland

- Facilitation of multiple workshops in 
   entrepreneurship and novel agriculture


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